nate and i are in the beginning stages of house hunting. and what’s the best part of house hunting?… finding what you want to put in the house, duh?! west elm is starting to become one of my favorite home stores, everrrr. i probably go on their website once a week just daydreaming of getting to decorate our future home. a lot of their products are so stylish, sleek, and modern, which definitely shouts “CHINA BUY ME!” here are some of my favorite items that are currently on their shelves.

Beaded Triangle Prism Pillow Cover ($69) | Axel Upholstered Sofa ($999) | Bowie Coffee Table ($559) | Kinsey Magazine Side Table  ($199) | Fishs Eddy Buffet ($899) | Leather Slope Dining Chair ($399) | Aluna Upholstered Office Chair ($399) | Faux Monstera Leaf ($12) | Mid-Century Table Lamp – Bullet ($159)

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