Olive Paper Co. is a modern lettering and design studio currently based in Cincinnati. Ever since she could remember China was always doodling and creating things. Being a girl boss was what she envisioned for herself someday. After working office jobs, getting engaged and doing the calligraphy for her own wedding, it dawned on her that this was the creative outlet that she needed. So Olive Paper Co. came to be. It was a hobby and she never had any intention of it allowing her to get the opportunities that she’s gotten. She absolutely loves working with small businesses and building brands through logos that reflect their unique identity as well as working closely with engaged couples to bring their wedding visions to life! When she’s not working you’ll most likely find her snuggling up with her two corgis, pursuing her love for photography, or singing the Mulan soundtrack with her husband.









+ Pacific Northwest Native
+ Currently resides with her husband and two corgis in Cincinnati, Ohio
+ Loves a good breakfast
+ Parks and Rec and The Office has her heart
+ Plant hoarder
+ Photography and cooking are other passions of hers